Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The completed “Application for Access to the NIH User Resource for Biological AMS,” available in both PDF and MS Word, should be submitted to Bruce Buchholz via email or by mail:

Bruce Buchholz
Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-397
Livermore, CA 94550

An acknowledgment will be sent to the principal investigator when the application is received. The application will initially be examined to determine if it is complete. Questions about the application should be referred to the User Resource Administrator or Project Manager. For proposals involving vertebrate animals, LLNL Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires an additional form: “Vertebrate Animal Use Notification and Approval” form, available in both PDF and MS Word. For proposals involving human subjects, the applicant must discuss the LLNL Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval requirements with the User Resource staff. Indicate on the application if IRB approvals are still pending. Applications that are not complete will be returned for revision.

Once complete, the application is reviewed by the User Resource Proposal Review Panel to determine if the research problem is appropriate for AMS or if other techniques are better suited to study the problem. The Panel may make suggestions for improvements of the proposal to maximize the scientific value of the AMS measurements. If the proposal is significantly flawed, it will be returned to the proposal principal investigator with comments detailing the apparent shortcomings.

If the reviewed proposal is approved, the principal investigator will receive notification by email and be assigned a Project number. The Project number should be used on all future communication with the User Resource about the project. The User Resource Project Manager is the primary contact for co-coordinating all aspects of the Project including IACUC and IRB approvals, business arrangements for measurement costs, sample submissions, updating Project information and other administrative purposes. A scientific contact for the project will be appointed from User Resource staff. They will be available for consultation on experiment design, sample preparation, and data analysis.

For NIH reporting purposes, we require that all publications be deposited in Pubmed Central and acknowledge the User Resource as described in the Annual Review section. If deposition is not done by the journal, the primary or corresponding author should deposit the papers.

Questions about the application should be referred to the User Resource Project Manager, Bruce Buchholz.