Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

To utilize the BioAMS Resource, investigators should first discuss their interest with the staff of the Resource. For initial contact with the Resource for referral to Resource scientific staff or other information such as submitting Applications, please contact:

  E-mail Phone
Bruce Buchholz 925.422.1739
Ken Turteltaub 925.423.8152

After discussion of the research problem with Resource staff, investigators need to submit a detailed application outlining the scientific problem and their proposed experiments (see Application and Review). However, to test the feasibility of a pilot experiment or novel idea that does not require a substantial number of AMS analyses, investigators can also obtain access to the Resource via submission of a “Letter of Intent.” Applications and letters of intent are accepted at any time and can propose to utilize the Resource in either collaborative or service modes. Before a final decision for inclusion in the Resource is made, applications and letters of intent will be reviewed for scientific impact and to make sure the research problem is appropriate for AMS.

All research proposals utilizing Human Subjects and/or Vertebrate Animals must conform to the NIH Human Subjects Research regulations and Animal use guidelines. The use of Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animals should be discussed with the Resource staff prior to submitting an application. Applicants must be able to provide to the Resource documentation of Institutional approval for the use of Human Subjects and/or Vertebrate Animal in proposed research studies.

The Resource can be utilized by biomedical researchers in either a collaborative or a service mode for either single experimental projects or program projects that describe a series of intellectually linked experiments. Although investigators do not need to have NIH funding to utilize the Resource, priority will be given to research projects that are NIH funded.

Collaborative projects are defined as those that align with the three main scientific thrusts of the Resource. The projects would require substantial intellectual investment on the part of both Resource staff and applicant investigators, leading to furthering AMS application in these research areas or improvement of AMS technologies.

Service projects are those from publicly funded researchers that require only AMS sample preparation, sample analysis, and data reduction using previously developed methods. Service includes any necessary education of applicant investigators in design of experiments utilizing AMS, preparation of samples for AMS processing, and initial AMS data interpretation.

Researchers proposing to perform AMS research need to evaluate their laboratories and equipment for background isotope levels that might interfere with their studies. The specific number of samples needed for QA/QC purposes will be determined in consultation with the Resource staff.

The Resource funds approximately half of the available time on the 1 MV AMS spectrometer allowing the Resource to offer support for a limited number of collaborative project measurements. In order to make the Resource as widely available as possible, the number of AMS measurements supported at no fee for a collaborative project will be determined during the project application review or in discussion with the proposal principal investigator. The supported measurements should allow for the completion of some pilot studies or provide enough preliminary data for a successful grant proposal. Use of the Resource above the number of supported samples is possible for a per sample measurement fee via a cost recovery contract with LLNL. Commercial or non-publicly funded research endeavors may access the Resource capabilities only through a full cost recovery contract. For current pricing, please contact Resource staff.

Sample preparation, beyond the routine preparation for AMS analysis, will incur additional fees that will be determined in consultation with the investigators. Contractual arrangements for payment of fees must be completed prior to sample submission. See Business and Contracts for details.