Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

August 2020

Bomb-pulse Biology Research Featured in Netflix Series

Bomb-pulse biology research of User Resource scientist Bruce Buchholz and long-time collaborator Kirsty Spalding from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm was featured in episode 6 of the Netflix documentary series “Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything” hosted by Latif Nasser.

June 2019

Nerve-agent Antidote Shows Great Potential

A significant challenge for researchers developing nerve-agent antidotes is creating a drug that simultaneously protects both biological systems. Such a drug must be able to cross the semipermeable, protective blood–brain barrier, which separates the brain’s blood supply from the CNS extracellular fluid. In a government-funded effort, scientists at Lawrence Livermore’s Forensic Science Center and Biosecurity Center have formulated molecule LLNL-02, the first molecule capable of this dual protection.