Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Thomas, A.T., Stewart, B.J., Ognibene, T.J., Turteltaub, K.W., and Bench, G. (2013), Directly Coupled High-Performance Liquid Chromatography−Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Measurement of Chemically Modified Protein and Peptides, Analytical Chemistry 85 (7), 3644, doi: 10.1021/ac303609n

Thomas, A.T., Ognibene, T., Daley, P., Turteltaub, K., Radousky, H., and Bench, G. (2011), Ultra-high efficiency moving wire combustion interface for online coupling of HPLC, Analytical Chemistry 83 (24), 9413, doi: 10.1021/ac202013s

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