Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

All users of the Resource are encouraged to review the Resource’s BioAMS tutorial and introductory training manual and take the associated test. These mechanisms are a key tool used to train investigators and have proven to be a good way to verify a new user’s knowledge of standard AMS policies, practices, and procedures, radioisotope handling techniques, sample preparation methods, and unfolding AMS isotope ratios for data interpretation. In addition, visits can be made to collaborator’s labs to help further their understanding of the application of AMS methodology to their research. These training modules aim to teach new investigators to effectively utilize the exquisite sensitivity of AMS in their experiments and to obtain high quality data to further their research and to foster studies that can be carried out independently from the User Resource staff.

Please download the Introductory Training Manual, BioAMS Tutorial and Test. Please print out the test when ready to complete and fill in manually. Upon completion of the test, please email a pdf version of the completed test to the User Resource Administrator, Nanette Sorensen. A User Resource staff member will subsequently contact you about your submission.