Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Resource Training Overview

Effective training is critical to ensuring successful application of AMS in Biomedical Research. Our primary goal is to teach new investigators about how to most effectively design their experiments to obtain high quality data. Training is also a mechanism for informing potential collaborators about the availability of resources and equipment.

Interested users of BioAMS are strongly encouraged to visit the Resource to receive training on experimental design and data interpretation, as well as observing and understanding the preparation and measurement of samples. Investigators and students or junior members of staff should pan to visit the Resource for 2–3 days in the initial stages of projects to discuss experimental design and to learn procedures for more comprehensive introductory training. Please contact the Resource Administrator, Nanette Sorensen, to coordinate a visit to the resource.

If travel is not possible, training opportunities can be provided by the Resource via phone and email discussions with project investigators and supplying written protocols. We can use this mechanism to instruct on a variety of topics, including how to set the levels of radiocarbon in a study, avoid contamination, and evaluate laboratories/equipment background isotope levels by taking surface and aerosol samples prior to initiating studies utilizing AMS.